> Years 10 and 11 Art Textiles curriculum

Art Textiles - Years 10 and 11

Course content

Students will be working in years 10 and 11 to produce a personal portfolio of textiles work. They will also undertake a 10 hour timed controlled test in response to an externally set theme. The 10 hours are spread over two days in year 11 and is the result of weeks of preparation. The personal portfolio will show the range of creative ideas and activities undertaken throughout the course and will be produced in response to the themes set internally by the student's teacher. These themes are designed to encourage creative development and focus on:

  1. Generating and developing ideas
  2. Experimenting with materials and developing skills
  3. Recording and reviewing work
  4. Producing a final outcome

Optional disciplines include constructed, dyed, printed, fine art and fashion textiles. Much of the work will occur in sketchbooks and these can be purchased at a reasonable cost through the art department.

Assessment textiles

Projects completed for the personal portfolio are assessed internally throughout years 10 and 11. The work is evaluated under four specific assessment objectives. A textiles design mock exam occurs in the autumn term of year 11. The GCSE preparatory studies and controlled timed test begins in the spring term of year 11. It is marked internally and then moderated externally by a visiting examiner. The personal portfolio contributes to 60% and the controlled timed test contributes to 40% of the overall GCSE final mark.

Recommended book list and websites

Homework/coursework requirements

Homework supports classwork and usually involves independent research of either images or artists, further investigation of ideas and/or experimentation with materials. Sometimes it is a specific task, but most often, it will involve further development of the student's individual ideas initiated by the project. Work produced contributes to the personal portfolio.